Get my headline? I am funny. Here is my rant about Prom:

I hate prom until I love it. Let me explain. Before I find a dress and (hopefully) get a date, prom is the worst and most ridiculous thing ever. I hate the added stress of finding a dress, getting a date, and getting everything together. I mean the cynical me thinks it’s ridiculous that we basically screw up our entire weekend by staying up until the wee hours of the morning and then you’re tired for the rest of the weekend. BLERGH, stress.

It’s often something that my study hall and anatomy classes talk about, which I guess makes sense because nothing ever happens in Mariemont. I usually try to tune it out but it’s also interesting to hear what other people are saying. Usually Meggie and I just look at pictures of puppies on the internet instead.


College Decisions

I’ve always been awful when it comes to making up my mind. For as long as I remember I’ve been the one who’s always asking to order last at a restaurant while I decide what I want. This trait extends into everything: should I buy that or not? What classes should I take? etc. etc. So now I’m making the most important decision of my life so far: where I go to college.

Because this is me talking through my decision more than anything, I’ll write the pros/cons of both Loyola in Chicago and Ohio State University.

A view of Loyola. I did not take this one, but seriously look at that lake. GAH.

So there’s Loyola. It’s the most gorgeous campus I’ve ever seen, right on Lake Michigan, but it’s also IN the city of Chicago. Campus-wise, it can’t get any better. It also has a campus in Rome, which is a huge deal for me. I love travel more than anything else in the world, so it’s amazing to know how easy it would be for me to attend the campus in Italy for a year without much hassle. While it is an expensive school, they give out a lot of money so I was lucky enough to recieve their highest merit-based scholarship, which actually puts the school in the range of possibility. Those are the good things. On the other hand, I’ve heard that it is really hard to meet people/make friends if you are not involved in extra-curriculars. I don’t know if  you know me but I hate feeling forced to participate in anything, I prefer to choose. I’m also not really the super-involved sort of person, I like doing my own thing. Also, I haven’t met anyone on the Facebook group that I can really see myself being friends with. Not to be judgmental, but they seem either weird or snobby. However, Catherine Kauffmann goes there and she’s super nice so I’m sure there’s hope.

Look at this. Ohio freaking rocks.

On the other hand there’s Ohio State. It’s cheaper, I know people going there, and my brother goes there. I would never attend a school to follow anyone, but it would be nice knowing that if for some reason I don’t make friends, I’ll at least know a handful of people there. It’s also a bit cheaper, and way closer to home. I also know for a fact that I would be able to meet friends that I like, as it’s so huge. It’s also a really good school with a good pre-pharmacy program. The downsides of Ohio State is I’m not sure if I actually want an archetypal college experience. What I mean is that I do, but I’m obnoxiously different from the norm, I’m just afraid that I wish I spent my time living in a city, easily traveling to Rome. I know that I can travel abroad at any school, I’m just afraid that if I get caught up with the whole college thing, I’ll leave what I know I want behind. I also don’t want to be a sorority girl. I think having a sort of sisterhood is great but I don’t like the whole bid process, seems really superficial to me. Although not a lot of people rush there, a lot of the people I know do.

Basically, my decision comes down to a decision between two facets of my personality. There’s the girl who dreams of the city and traveling abroad, never to be caught up in suburbia again, or there’s the girl who wants to cheer on sports teams and feel a sense of school pride for life, and live like an average college student. I know I can be whatever I want to be at both places, but I want to choose what will make me happiest. I NEED MORE TIME GAH.

Working Girl (continued)

So big news… I got the job! It’s not really big news but at least now I’ll have a response for when people ask me what’s new. Because honestly, I never have an answer to that. NOTHING INTERESTING EVER HAPPENS. And I don’t want to sound like a boring, do-nothing person. But anyways, the job. I never expected becoming a hostess was going to be hard work. I figured it was just looking nice and being polite. But let me tell you, I have sore muscles. Like all the time. On the tops of my feet (from flexing my foot to keep my flats on).

Of course, my first day was rather miserable. All of my coworkers are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met (I’m never leaving a small tip again!), and I got to buy new clothes for work, but that’s pretty much where the positives end. One of the waitresses accidentally spilled syrup IN my shoes and on my pants and I got blisters because somehow looking pretty and comfortably working in a restaurant are mutually exclusive. On the bright side, I get to work with Gabi Proffitt and Karin Long, both of whom I love. And the cook sneaks me chocolate chip pancakes during my six-hour shifts (shhh!).

I'm kind of obsessed with how adorable the center of Mariemont is and how the interior of the NAtional Exemplar reflects the Old English style. ADORBS.

All in all, my job is not what I expected, but I really like it. I get to see familiar faces all the time (Including Mr. Goetz and Mrs. Rutherford!), I have a higher appreciation for money now that I work for minimum wage, and I get half-off whenever I dine-in. I guess now that I’m in my senior-year slump, it’s nice to have something constant in my schedule to keep me occupied.

Also, I’ve learned a few things about restaurants that I didn’t realize before:

-The servers/bussers are some of the nicest and most humble people you’ll ever meet. If you don’t tip them well, you’re a jerk.

-It’s customary to give coat tips to the waitresses who hang up your coats 😉

-A little friendliness goes a long way

-People are awkward when it comes to their preference of sitting across from or next to their partner. Every party of two is different, so I never know :/


Working girl (maybe?)

Recently, I have realized that I need a job. Real badly. While I babysit on most weekends (and babysitters are paid LOTSA CASH), I need something more steady. Karin works at the Exemplar in Mariemont, and she said they need hostesses. So I’m applying. I was supposed to have an interview tomorrow but the owner was in a meeting so it was rescheduled to after school today (gah!). I’m fairly nervous. I’ve never had a legit job before. And hopefully they like me and I get the job! But whatever, all I can do is sit back and wait for 3:30 today…


The exemplar (and my future workplace?) Also, salt if I don't get hired.... :/

I love my puppy

Today is my dog’s sixth birthday. His name is Larue and he is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen. I don’t have much to write about this week, so he’s pretty much my only inspiration. He barks a lot, and often times eats food straight off the table, but he’s still adorable and I still love him.

Try to find a cuter dog. You can't.

Living in solitude: a glimpse into the life of a modern-day leper

There are two things about me that become very clear whenever I am feeling under the weather: 1. I have the worst immune system and 2. I am unreasonably dramatic. Now, due to my body’s lack of ability to fight off illness, when I get sick, I go hard. I mean sick-for-two-weeks-straight, look-like-deaths-awkward-cousin sick. Maybe my drama queen tendencies feed into this a little bit, but still. I consider this completely unfair.

This past week has been no exception. I started exams with a cold and painful sore throat that luckily healed TWO AND A HALF WEEKS LATER. After three full days of relative healthiness, I became sick again. Just my luck.  Actually not just my luck because I hate when people say that (I mean as if the whole world is against ONLY THEM). But it was kind of cruel. Anyhow, due to the fact that I have literally nothing else to write about, I have decided to record my schedule from the past two days, to give you an idea of what it’s really like to be sick and dramatic at the same time.

The aftermath.

Night before:

9:00pm – Take Nyquil, tell self that no matter how sick/tired you are tomorrow, you will make use of free time. No TV, no sleeping, just homework.

Day of:

6:15am – regular alarm goes off, immediately turn off in nyquil-drugged daze, forget you slept in basement and freak out for a second, then fall back asleep

7:49am – Wake up in panic due to realization you have slept in and are late for school. Run upstairs only to remember that you are sick and this was planned. Get water from kitchen to cover embarrassing mistake.

9:30am – Phone alarm goes off. Sleepily believe someone is calling you and attempt to answer your phone while it is ringing. Feel dumb and fall asleep, set alarm for 11:30.

11:30am – Alarm goes off, turn off

12:02 – Wake up to 3 missed calls and 2 texts from mom, who is wondering if you have died. Get up and take a shower.

12:30 – Decide to start homework. After

1:00 – Attempt to stick to New Year’s resolution to run every other day. Justify a walk instead.

1:45 – realize you forget what it feels like to breathe out of your nose, become frustrated trying. Fall asleep.

5:00 – Wake up and realized you’ve wasted the whole day. Read through SRP book to feel accomplished.

8:00 – Dayquil runs out and take Nyquil. Fall asleep.

A look back on spring break

I don’t know why I’ve been so nostalgic recently, but whatever. I’ll take it I guess. I have been looking through old pictures in my phone, which have reminded me of some great memories. This picture was taken on spring break, when my little brother Sander and I were extremely bored in the car. Of course, driving for hours in California is a thousand times better than driving through Nebraska. The roads we drove along were along the water so it was absolutely gorgeous. But it still does get a little boring. At one point Sander and I stuck our heads out of the window, and the wind blowing through our hair felt really cool. I took a picture of Sander, and I think this picture follows the rule of thirds really well.

This is why I will forever love California.

I have to say that my hair looked way cooler out of the window (I have much longer hair than him) but either I am way less photogenic than Sander (obviously not the case, IM BASICALLY A MODEL) or else sander stinks at photography. I’m thinking it’s the latter. Anyways, here’s an awkward pic of me:

I may be awkwardly out the window, but my hair looks cooler.

Summer Memories

I’ve started thinking a lot about how I miss summer. The cold weather is not helping. I really miss going outside and not wearing a jacket, and not having to scrape frost off of my car, and not freezing my butt off at all times. I love winter, don’t get me wrong. In fact, I live for the time that I can finally watch Love Actually (because it’s a Christmas movie) and I love snow and the cold, but I do miss summer.

This picture was taken after I returned from my summer trip, and I hadn’t seen my friends in a month. We were all sitting at Karin’s house, and Ben and I were fighting over a chair, but then we took this picture. It weirds me out how fast time goes by, because this was several months ago.


Lots of watches

I’ve recently noticed that a lot of people are starting to wear watches. While this may not be a recent phenomenon, I definitely believe the number has gone up since two years ago. Personally, having a watch is probably one of my favorite things ever. I always know what time it is, AND I get to look like a nerd while doing so, but I don’t care. What’s sad is I’ve even noticed going through what I imagine to be a serious case of post-partum-depression on the days where I forget to wear my watch. Like, I get crazy separation anxiety. It’s kind of sad. Watches are what get me through AP Gov (Wolfford is a strict believer in no clocks) and also spice up my wardrobe. Of course I’m kidding because my watches arent very fashionable, but I do have a neon one that I love. And that is all.

This is my pink watch. It's kind of a big deal.

The places I’ve been

The other day in stats, I was combing my fingers through my hair when I realized just how much hair I lose everyday. Like, it’s ridiculous. I can always tell what clothes I’ve worn just by looking for any long, blonde hairs on them. This got me thinking, what happens to all the hair that we all lose? I know the janitors in the school probably vacuum up all of the little hair balls I roll when I’m bored, but what about all the places that aren’t vacuumed? In order to stop myself from pondering endlessly about such a bizarre thing, I’ve decided to come up with my answer myself. I have decided that the hair you leave stays in a similar place, a marker that you were there that will last (at least in your mind) forever.

I know I’m saying it a lot in this article, but this got me thinking of all the places I’ve been. I’ve seen Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, and Barcelona, among others; it’s weird that I have left my mark there somehow. Even if it is just a hair.

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